Lovin’ the love from y’ll! TESTIMONIALS

This is what you all had to say about the scribble experience.

“My five year old did the STEAM workshop at Scribble and came away with some exciting artwork. I liked the theme as it had science, art and creativity all in one. Of course the Art teacher Anjali is full of innovative approaches to art and the kids love her patience, humor and find a comfortable spot to let their inner Picasso out onto the paper.”


“Ahaana has been exposed to a big variety of art tools at Scribble. Ms A’s classes are a great mix of fun and learning that she looks forward to every week. The theme approach is great and Ahaana has improved her use of colours and concentration with table top activities drastically.”


“Scribble is our go-to place for everything related to Art! Anjali is not just a “teacher” but an educator…she is talented, a brilliant artist herself, intuitive, loves her students and is invested in each one ! My daughter looks forward to each class and i know she’s in good hands  “



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